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Automate cloud hosting infrastructure and application deployments once, then gain access to any cloud provider on-demand. No configuration management code. No dealing with the hassles of your cloud provider tools and API. One intuitive control panel, API, and CLI that works with any cloud.


Instant PaaS anywhere, stop worrying about individual servers

Make every application highly available without any changes

Integrates with Github for easy organization and team management

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Launch and scale clusters, deploy and scale apps

One API to rule them all. Yep, you read that correctly. We offer one API that works across all of our supported cloud providers.

  • Launch new clusters so a team can test new features in a production-like environment.
  • Scale clusters, and application containers up and down to meet demand.
  • Launch and scale applications and modify their settings no matter which provider you chose to run them on. 


Launch long running and scheduled jobs

Stop worrying about individual servers and start thinking about your overall resource requirements.

  • All of your applications run as containers in ContainerShip and share the resources of the cluster.
  • ContainerShip finds the best place for your containers to live on the cluster depending on your requirements, and ensures they remain running, restarting them if they fail. 
  • If hosts fail in the cluster, your jobs are automatically moved to a healthy machine and restarted.
  • Run both long running jobs, like web servers, queues, or your backend API, as well as Cron like jobs using our Tide scheduler.

DNS based service discovery is built in

Service Discovery is a system that allows different services running across a cluster to find each other and communicate in a highly dynamic environment.

  • How many times have you hardcoded the IP address or Hostname of another server or group of servers into a config file? Stop that!
  • Tell your apps how to find each other using nothing more than special environment variables.
  • No need to launch, configure, manage and upgrade a discovery system developed by a 3rd party. Building microservices has never been easier.

Nginx based load balancer for all of your apps

Ready to scale from one container to 200 for your service? You're going to need load balancing to make it happen!

  • Requires no configuration, just add a load balancer to any of your applications, choose a listen port, and you're ready to rock.
  • Support for HTTPS via TLS/SSL.
  • Support for TCP/HTTP/UDP services. 
  • We provide an automatic DNS entry you can use to easily access any of your applications.

Snapshot, restore, and migrate entire clusters and environments

Think of all of the knobs you had to turn, the files you created, and API calls that were required to get your infrastructure to where it is today. Now imagine having to do it all again to expand to a new region or provider. Ok you can stop sweating now..

  • ContainerShip makes your entire infrastructure portable so you can expand or move wherever you choose.
  • No need to manually set anything up in your cloud provider again, no load balancers, no launching servers, just launch a new ContainerShip cluster wherever you want it and restore a snapshot there.
  • Clone your clusters so another team or group can experiment with their own environment.



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