Stop pulling your hair out trying to automate the cloud. ContainerShip provides everything you need to scale from one server to thousands, no matter where you want to run.

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Getting to continuous deployment can be a tough task. The first step on the journey is setting up builds of your applications into version controlled artifacts that can be deployed to a server. We have you covered. Just sign in with Github and automatically build your Dockerfile, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Clojure, Scala, PHP, and Go apps into Docker containers, and store them in your registry of choice.

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So many clouds, so little time. Every cloud provider is selling you the same thing in a different package. Incompatible API, CLI, drastically different UI, but underneath it all, just some servers in a data center! You don't have to relearn how to drive a car when you switch brands, and now you don't for the cloud either. Build your infrastructure once, and immediately unlock every provider for your scaling needs.

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ContainerShip Cloud makes deploying complicated systems easy! Start small and scale out when you need to. Deploy everything from blog software to multi-server databases with a click. We handled the multi-server scalability for you so you can grow in a hurry, and get back to focusing on your code.

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Load Balancing

Streaming Logs & Metrics

Service Discovery

Github Integration

Run Stateful Apps

Command Line Interface

Team Access Control

I can now instantly see the state of my cloud services and rolling out changes, across many hosts, is effortless.

Dan Loprett, Co-Founder & CTO Meter Feeder


Getting code into production doesn't have to suck.

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